Friday, January 06, 2006

Twin Fun @ The World Missions Summit!

Who knew that this twin thing would be more fun as I got older? With the convergence of World and U.S. Missionaries (I know the United States is in the "world"--it's an A/G thing) there were a lot of Latin American missionaries wandering around who know my brother Dave but didn't know he had a twin brother. In fact there were so many making the mistake, I started taking their pictures so I could remember who said "Hi" to him.

I've gotten used to the "why is he acting like he doesn't know me look." The first was in the line at registration. A woman, who I later found out to be the wife of Dave's area director, said my brother's name several times but I was trying to find a way to cut in line so I didn't hear her. (I have a legitimate excuse for cutting in line by the way.) When I finally did look over in that direction, I was met by the strange, "don't you know me" stare by a whole group of missionaries. Things got cleared up but only after I flashed the DC driver's license. After that, I made sure I had ID ready for the quick draw.

I met quite a few of Dave's colleagues and they all seem very nice even though they were a bit embarrassed. I hope I cleared up all of the confusion, but do wonder though how many of Dave's friends saw me, but didn't talk to me. They probably didn't want to associate with a guy who cheats on his wife @ a missions convention with pregnant woman. Sorry Dave!


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